Oct 31, 2012

a thousand pearls...

I signed up for an Anthropologie Christmas workshop and brought a few friends along. I was soooooo very excited! Did not know what to expect, but expected so much goodness, but not sure in what  form! Thought I would learn magic, would work with unicorns and rainbows, the results would be the most unbelievable , breathtaking, creative, jaw dropping display anyone had ever seen.... I do this often...create ridiculous scenarios that are only alive and well in my head :)

On the ride to the workshop, one of  my friends and I talked about Thanksgiving and how it would be great to host a Thanksgiving with strays (people we didn't know), people away from home and show them love and share our table, our blessings.

My friend Sarah arrived to workshop before we did and sent us a text, it read..." This is like manual labor with cup cakes!" my unrealistic expectations flashed through my head and I thought this can't be!!!  it's Anthropologie!!! surely they must have crafting unicorns back there!  But I tried to remain calm and let God do what he always does for me.
We sat down at our very own table and prepared to do our part in the super intricate garland structure we where helping with and enjoy each others company.
A sweet girl joined us and now we were four. I asked what her name was and she told us,  we tried to say it with out butchering it, she smiled as we repeated after her. She told us she was here alone from China studying biology .
 She was sweet and funny ; she told us she missed her family, we were all so different but so very much the same... We asked if she had plans for Thanksgiving and then I asked, "what does your name mean?" and she said "A thousand pearls"... in that second I knew this workshop would be more then I ever expected.
 What do you know! They do have unicorns at Anthropologie!

 My apron!
 The Anthropologie team!
 A Thousand Pearls :)

 Sarah and Jenn :)

Oct 30, 2012

holiday goodness part two

Every year for the holidays we try new tasty treats and this year we are so proud of our assortments. Take a look at one of our new favorites, Katherine Anne Confections .
Focusing on local and organic ingredients creates the most tasty truffles. These confections are silky-smooth on the inside, with a thin chocolate shell on the outside. They are hand-dipped for an elegant, yet approachable look. The beautiful fair-trade boxes make a fun and eco-friendly gift, or a special
treat for yourself.
Pillowy artisan marshmallow swirled with a signature soft honey vanilla caramel. A dusting of sea salt and confectioners sugar creates an addicting salty-sweet contrast. To die for sweet treat at your next Holiday party!

Oct 29, 2012

demi- couture for the modern coquette

My friend is getting married! So we did some bride stuff! The thought of picking a dress and committing to it for the rest of her life (pictures) seems daunting to her.... yes!!! my friend is a dress commitment phobe and we are getting her some help for it!
The first treatment we chose for her disorder involved a bit of early morning alcohol (via mimosas), some good laughter and a delightful morning of bridal fashion/brunch hosted by Supreme Novelty Fabrics and Mignonette Bridal, featuring amazing  local designers , a yummy brunch, pretty flowers and a room full of hundreds of thousands of rolls of delicious fabric and trim!
Results~ a great day was had and only very light shock treatments to follow :)

Oct 25, 2012

holiday goodness part one

 I know it seems like too soon, but I got bit by the bug... the holiday spirit bug! Here is one of the newest and most wonderful additions to the shop this Holiday Season!

Beautifully cared for by hand and wrapped with such charm and delight, these are the type of candies you take time and savor, the type of candy that makes you proud to be an adult! Oh! and yes!a must try!We love Truffle Truffle :)

Oct 24, 2012

field of dreams

I made a new friend, her name is Elizabeth and she grows amazing dahlias! I am over the moon about this :)  Beautiful flowers grown around the corner with so much love; that my friend~ is a recipe for success. These are just a few shots of the end of the season. But next summer this garden will be exploding with goodness and I cant wait to share it with you here at the shop!
 If you build it they will come! Congratulations Elizabeth on following your dreams!   

Oct 22, 2012

kristin and james

I had a fantastic time planning this super fun, crisp and clean Navy bash at Millenium Park Grill!
 Kristin knew right away she wanted to celebrate her now husband's sacrifice for our nation by infusing  US Navy touches through out the day. My favorites were the cake and the bride's bouquet if I may say so myself :)
Check out these beautiful pictures by Colin Lyons Photography
Event Planning: Pemberley Events  Flowers:Petal Play Design Cake:  Cake Dress: Rina DiMontella

Oct 17, 2012

a perfect fall day

I took a day for me...I love how that sounds :) Headed out to visit Kpoene at Mignonette Bridal to pick some dresses for an upcoming shoot and to stay in the city and frolic a bit, Louise came along. If you haven't noticed yet, that dog is my side kick :) I love her and although she comes to work with me she does not get much attention during the week,  so on my days off I want to be with her; she is good for my soul.
Here are a few images of the shop, I love it there. I feel like am in Paris, its a good feeling. You should take a peek!

After our visit, Louise and I headed to one of my favorite markets (Logan Square) I love it because its a great neighborhood and the vendors are awesome, but also because it's on Sunday :) you should go!


And then it was time for lunch at one of my favorite places .

Louise scored some of the smoked duck in my omelet and lots of love and attention from the always great wait staff. You should go here too!