Aug 20, 2012

Jill and John

 Jill and John were married July 20th 2012, their reception was at historic Joliet Union Station; I love the super pale  hues and what's not to love about a  man in uniform :) Gorgeous photos shot by  Amanda Megan Miller

Aug 13, 2012

six weddings and a funeral...

This is a phenomenon I don't particularly care for, but it involved friends , client's kids and so I said yes to all of it. It's all just a blur now, here while I type this on the couch, but it was one huge week full of hard work, good people , bumps in the road and some good laughs of deliriousness. Bare with me, this is a long one!

Monday~ Flowers start coming in and my LORD!!! they were good, this stuff was sooo good it should be illegal. 350 stems of coral and raspberry peonies, 400 garden roses, 200 stems of mixed hydrangeas and I lost count after that. One of the coolers is not cold enough, called my guy and he will be here first thing tomorrow...thought about this the rest of the day and night. We worked till 8pm that day.

Tuesday~   More flowers, every box better then the next, I'm feeling pretty sure of myself at this point (never a good thing) , full of energy and laughter.
Refrigeration guy comes in and the cooler needs a shot of freon , I had him service them all to be safe and asked if he could give the girls some too, no one thought that was funny...   Delivery after delivery we kept pushing and cleaning.  Five o'clock, time to close the front of shop and really start working with no interruptions.  I call my driver first to see if he could come in earlier tomorrow and he is in the hospital with kidney stones... Called Becca who's home from college and she steps to the plate, Yay Becca!. worked a few more hours and started getting ready to go to the grand opening of MindFlow Cafe and noticed Louise was sick, called the vet and they say they can stay late for me; rushed to get there  so she could be checked out (long story, Lulu is good now) , came back to the shop  8:30 and worked until 11:00 pm

Wednesday~ Last of flowers come in, still looking good, 45gl garbage bag count is 18. Becca delivered all day, bless her heart.
I had my first hot flash this day, at least I thought I did, until I noticed my 17 year old assistant for the day was having one too; checked the thermostat and  knew something was wrong, it took a couple of dramatic text, but someone was on the way to figure it out.
Call comes in for the funeral, meet with the family, followed by frantic calls to get their floral needs met. Ursulla across the street will help with deliveries tomorrow. Hoping to leave at a descent time today. Ashley my friend and Saturday's bride stops by after her work shift was over down the street, we are both so excited could not stop talking so I just kept working then; talked and worked till 2:00 AM

Thursday~ In by 5:30AM, funeral done by 8:00 out the door by 9:00. All vases prepped and we are ready to do this!!! Middle of the day and am feeling worn down, my mind is tired too, I took Louise out, no leash...(breaking the law), that's how we roll here. The fresh air feels good and I came back refreshed (more like the disgusting humidity made me run back inside!). We got soooo much done! 45gl garbage bag count is 26. Was in bed by 10:00 and so very grateful for that.

Friday~  Door County wedding picks up by 9:00AM (my friend's sister is getting married) and second event loaded and ready to go, Medinah Country Club by 9:45, we got there at the same time as entertainment for the evening,  their semi truck was blocking the way...but the band was REO Speedwagon... yes!!! so who cares! we were in THEIR way, so to expedite,  the crew helped us unload and moved our truck while we set up inside! When we came out band members were goofing  around on golf carts :) so far an interesting morning and "It's time for me to fly" on back to the shop.
Back in the shop and ready for our third wedding today, watered things, counted and recounted, loaded up and five of us in three vehicles  set out to Patrick Haley Mansion in Joliet. This was to be a big one, a puzzle of a wedding with a lot of detail; five people four hours and we used every minute. We unloaded our stuff and the family had their horse trailer full of props waiting for us on site too...we did it with 15 minutes to spare, which we used up to shove some lunch down in the parking lot! Onto the shop to put a few more touches on tomorrow's wedding. Three down, three more to go. Worked till 11:00 PM but I feel invigorated by what just happened in this little shop of mine.

Saturday~ Ashley is getting married today :) so excited ! working on pure adrenaline! The goal this morning is to finish Sunday's weddings so that I can enjoy myself at reception tonight... all done by noon and we start loading up personal flowers , 16 centerpieces and countless buckets of blooms, we are making giant pieces on site, Lord help us! We get to the Rialto Square Theater at 2:00 and immediately start working to get ceremony site done by 4:00.
I got to see Ashley walk down the isle and she is overcome with emotion, this makes all this work worth while, so very happy for her right now :)
Cleaned up and  out of  the Rialto by 5:15, rush to shop,  Becca is picking up Louise for the night and am late, she will get to play with Mimi Lafwnduh all night (it didn't happen...Mimi was a weiner and hated Louise) Got ready with Renee's help (it takes a village) I tried to breath deep and relax on my way to reception with some Sade tunes....shut up! say nothing!
It was an awesome party! Great friends and yummy food, fantastic conversation (totally refreshing to say stuff like pass the buns instead of pass the peonies!) only stayed till 10:45 in bed by midnight~

Sunday~ Oh glorious Sunday! 45gl garbage bag count 34.  Loaded up for AM wedding and off to Joliet's Union Station (can't seem to stay away from Joliet this week) all done by noon and back to the shop to load up last wedding yay!
Arrived a Ruffled Feathers at 1:30 and the mood was so relaxed, this is just what the doctor ordered. Amy, my bride was walking around with a permanent smile on her face,  her friends and family were helping set some pictures out. I gave her a big hug, because I really like her and because I am over joyed am done!

AM DONE!!!!!!!!! and so grateful for God's hands all over this week, everyones help, hard work and good laughs. We got it all done, on time, with a smile on our faces and we managed going to Joliet three times and yet stayed away from Paula Dean's  butter world restaurant, no thanks to Mac who had been tempting us all week with food pics :)

Thank you so very much Rachelle, Lainey, Renee, Sophie,  Andrea,  Becca and Ursula  for a week to remember! 

Aug 7, 2012

pride and passion / save the earth!

On June 26th, the Gowanus Studio Space hosted the 2nd annual Jell-O Mold competition in Brooklyn, New York. The competition encouraged artists, designers, chefs, and lovers of Jell–O to use gelatin in new and unexpected ways. A company called The Way We See The World won for sculptural/structural integrity with Jelloware – a set of delicious, squishy, colorful glasses.
Jelloware re-imagines the concept of drinking, and imparts a new experience in the way it feels, tastes, smells, moves, and is even disposed of. The cups are made entirely out of agar agar and cast in different flavors, such as lemon-basil, ginger-mint, or rosemary-beet. All are specifically designed to compliment a corresponding drink. Jelloware is meant to be thrown into the grass after it is used, as agar agar is a seaweed extract and actually nurtures the growth of plants.
  Designer: The Way We See The World