Mar 19, 2013


It's cold today and doesn't feel like this  picture much. Here is to channeling warmer weather!

 Eugène GRASSET Calendrier "La Belle Jardinière" 1896 


Wanted to share with you this gem of a place! Every time I need a special trim or incredible buttons I head out to SOUTACHE   . Just another amazing spot in Bucktown. This trip was for buttons for a pretty blue coat I got at a great deal at the end of season. I chose beautiful had polished teak buttons.

Mylie (the owner) is fantastic! So warm and helpful, she will help you for hours just to find the perfect embellishment . 

They are moving across the street soon and Mylie told me they will carry more buttons! Yay!
Stop and see her, you will love it.

Mar 2, 2013

Terrarium Workshop

Workshops Calendar

Friday, March 22nd 6:00pm~8:00pm

Saturday, April 13th 1~2:30pm

Adult Class Cost:
The fee for the workshop is $65.00, which includes container, plants, moss, lichen, tiny treasures
and all the materials to create a personalized terrarium! and some red libations :)

Kids Terrarium Workshop !
Cost: $20
All material included, container, plant, moss, lichen, tiny treasures and all the materials to create
a basic, personalized terrarium! All ages welcome, adult attendance required for 6 yrs. and under.

It fills up fast ! !
Please call 630 243 9430 to prepay and hold your space.

Feb 20, 2013

for the birds

I love to bird watch! I'm in awe at how these little guys could make it through the cold winters...I can't stand it out in the freezing temperatures and I have plenty of body fat, how do they manage!  so I like to help them out by feeding them with seed feeders, but for a little extra fun, I save all the winter berries at the bottom of the Christmas boxes here at the shop. I fill small containers of different shapes with berries, water plus a loop of  twine and let them freeze. I make lots of them and keep them in my freezer. I place a few out every week, the birdies love it, and I love watching them out my window :) You should try it!

Feb 6, 2013

paper dahlias at indie wed

Every year after the holidaze and the madness, we count on Indie Wed for a boost of creative energy! I love me a creative  project and frankly I would participate in  Indie Wed for the opportunity to create and socialize with my friends in the industry, what an uber talented bunch! And so it started with a bright & fun color palette plus some old books... 538 cones later this is what we came up with :)

We shared a booth with Reenie Rose, who preserves  wedding bouquets via oil on canvas, pretty smart! So of course we used her talents to create our silhouettes!
We had a fantastic time meeting new couples  and visiting with friends. The event ran so smooth as always! Thank you Kelly for all of your hard work :) Take a look at these gorgeous shots from our oh so talented friend Amanda Megan Miller Photography .
This is Amanda's fab booth!
We,Unity Candle rocked it out!

A beautiful new addition this year... I hope they continue to do it! The Belles and Gents Lounge; organized by SQN Events put together with the help of Goose Island Catering, Truffle Truffle, Femme du Coupe, ShutterBooth, A LA Crate Vintage Rentals, and Courtney Callahan Paper.

So many creative minds under one roof my head was spinning with joy! and these are just a few, Pemberley Events, Nible Well, Mika Vaughan Makeup Artist, Life Made Pretty, Neil Dixon Smith, Five Grain Events, Fumme Gypsy Project, Mignonette Bridal, Penelope's Press, Olivia Leigh Photograpie, Simply Wood Rings, Naturally Yours Events, so many really not enough time or room! Oh wait Ravenswood Event Center how amazing was their food?! I need one of those lentil burgers for lunch everyday!!! and Puffs of Doom? What?! Yes!!! I'LL take a dozen please!

 All in all  you can't go wrong with this event, a perfect way to spend an afternoon...but be careful you might just come home and redo your entire house! the inspiration is just that good!
Here at the shop we are jumping right into Valentine's madness, so I'll just have to settle with recycling our paper dahlias into our tree, but what I really like to do is make a bedspread out of Amanda's backdrop! Come on now! it would be amazing!
See you next year!

Jan 30, 2013

fun vintage trickets!

 Victorian Mosaic Ring

19th Century Chinese Kingfisher Feather & Coral Earrings

1900s Edwardian Carved Coral & Pearl Flower Necklace

 beautiful gold ring with intricately braided brown hair

Cities of Great Britain Lockets
1980s Turquoise and Pearl Marquis "N" Ring

 Mid 18th Century Table Cut Diamond Cluster/Flower Ring


 19th Century Ivory Leg Pendant

1890s Coral Ring

 1890-1900s Victorian Colored Paste Ring

This post is for the boys, in honor of certain upcoming hallmark holiday... think outside the box, girls don't always want the expected, something with a bit of history and character is always good, and always always get flowers ha!
Below are links to two of my favorite places to look for great pieces!
erin basin   erica weiner