Jan 30, 2013

fun vintage trickets!

 Victorian Mosaic Ring

19th Century Chinese Kingfisher Feather & Coral Earrings

1900s Edwardian Carved Coral & Pearl Flower Necklace

 beautiful gold ring with intricately braided brown hair

Cities of Great Britain Lockets
1980s Turquoise and Pearl Marquis "N" Ring

 Mid 18th Century Table Cut Diamond Cluster/Flower Ring


 19th Century Ivory Leg Pendant

1890s Coral Ring

 1890-1900s Victorian Colored Paste Ring

This post is for the boys, in honor of certain upcoming hallmark holiday... think outside the box, girls don't always want the expected, something with a bit of history and character is always good, and always always get flowers ha!
Below are links to two of my favorite places to look for great pieces!
erin basin   erica weiner

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