Oct 28, 2011

4th of july + nat + fireworks= fun

 We planed a grand evening, the carnival, cotton candy,singing, hot~air balloons, fireworks, singing, rides, skipping, singing (lots of singing when Natty and I get together) and the night would be topped off by her very first sleep over in a homemade tent for her and Louise in my living room. We skipped home 2 blocks singing rolling down the river, swung the doors open and got to worken on the tent; sheets, chairs, a couch, broom sticks, pillows, blankets,string, flash light, TED (her favorite nite nite teddy bear), and her  princess book which I read 14 times that evening. I tucked her in and told her I had the time of my life....she looked at me with her beautiful big brown eyes and said.....I wanna go home...  

fun at the lake house

 This summer has been packed full of good hard work and lots of fun with good friends and family. Lots of new experiences for Louise and I. It's been fab. Sorry I haven't posted much, I'll try my best to catch you up!

Jun 24, 2011

inspiring friendships

Through the years I've enjoyed and basked in amazing friendships, now more then ever I come to realize how pivotal these have been, always entering at the perfect time, with arms wide,  and ears willing to hear, no matter how unrealistic my thoughts have been, these girls have indulged my day dreaming and allowed me to work it, live it,dream it....out. Sisters in a way, on the same path of discovery, willing to share and compare notes and most important willing to laugh...at  life's joys and setbacks, sorrows and cheers, we are getting through it. Getting a bit wiser and much better looking :) Today I celebrate you...friends, sisters and soul mates. Thank you for being you and letting me be me...

Jun 6, 2011

the thing about summer

It's finally summer....hot and humid, but bright and easy going, I love summer and all of the things that make me feel so carefree, like driving with the windows down and singing at the top of my lungs. Lazy Sundays floatin in da pool, barba~Q~n and hanging out with friends, food tastes better, music takes on a deeper more nostalgic feeling and problems roll of my back easier....I wonder what it would be like if it was summer all year round...mmmm...
What about summer makes you happy?

May 31, 2011


like my money back on spring

Louise and I are full throttle in wedding season and it's so hard to feel part of the summer when you are working so much and when the sun don't shine...what is going on in the Midwest!?
I'm staying true to my promise and scheduling blocks of time for myself.  I found Lulu a walker for Saturdays (my busiest day ) this makes the guilt lessen a bit. Farmers Market is starting next Tuesday and am knee deep in preparation, this year we have new vendors and children's activities. I've let go of some of the events I had taken on, in an effort to be kinder to my body and mind, it was a hard proses to try to figure out why I put so much on my plate, who am I really do it for?....and the guilt that comes along and those feelings are horrible....but I love being involved with  this market! It's the kick off to the summer! and a reminder of my childhood and a bountiful blessing, I love it!  Come visit the Lemont's Farmers Market its awesome!

May 29, 2011

four T

Went with sisi to the rolling hills of Sonoma for the big celebration. God's hands are all over this place.It's my resting place...not dying...just feel there like I don't have a care in the world...I know what you are thinking, I'm not a wino!
I just have a connection to this place, the earth, flora, fauna....God.

I will live there some day and I will make...music...love...wine...art...food and anything else I can...and this song will be playing in the background.

hello!....it's been a while

According to my 39 things, I could lie and say that I was focusing on # 14 , truth is I went to visit my family and to recharge before wedding season. When I got back I hurt my back and could not sit in front of computer and type away, and after that...life happened and I got crazy busy with the shop, weddings, birthday celebrating. I should warn you.... I'm forty now and much wiser...so hang on to you pants...because we are going on a ride!

Feb 16, 2011

my christian louboutin's

Most of you know I work on my feet all day.Four years ago I tore my plantar fascia wearing gorgeous little shoes all summer while at work. Things changed for me when it came to shoe shopping, a passion of mine (
I went from Chicago Soles to the Walking Company in 0.5 seconds, very painful.
I wear Scandinavian surgeon  clogs  (Sanita) during the winter months, as a frequent costumer every December I get a sneak peak at their summer collection of orthopedic sandals! Yeepy! I must say they get better and better every year, they are truly comfortable and the colors make me feel like I still remain a part of the rest of the female population.
So I make a big deal out of my picks, I look at upcoming fashion I ask friends and then I decide on a few pair.
Every Christmas my mom sends me gift cards to the Walking Company, I reorder and every end of February Dough my UPS guy brings them to my door :)
I thought I share my excitement and my orthopedic picks with you! I just got them today! Do you have any suggestions?
Don't forget to get the Silver Ion sandal freshener/cleaner, it's a must.

Feb 15, 2011

the wOnderment switch

Not sure why, when or how. One day I started experiencing a heighten scene of wonderment . I've always got pleasure out of small little oddities but not like this...it is strange and intense, I can only describe it as a switch that was on, but not at full throttle. My first theory was that as time goes by and I loose more of my eggs,I make more room for wonderment :)
Now I have a new theory,  I think we are born with a heighten scene of wonderment and as we get older we loose most of it with troubles, worries and responsibilities and then God reminds us again  what we are missing out on when we are blessed with kids. I don't have children~ But I have LuLu now and she came packed full of it and I'm so grateful! Can't get enough of it grateful. I'll be traveling to Florida next week to meet David. He is being born as we speak, am so excited, I can't wait to hold him and and smell him and to hold my brother and tell him how proud I am of him...you see he has been waiting patiently for nine years to be recharged with wonderment and today is the day. I'm soooo happy for all of us!Our last name continues with him and so does the wonderment :)  Do you have a theories you like to share?
Psalm 37:7 - Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act.

Feb 9, 2011


I'll be gone for a few days of l-o-v-e.....flower love. See you soon.

a different continent just around the corner

 Out with the girls Monday I continued my stepping out of the box this year. I choose an Algerian Kafe for lunch.:)
Icosium Kafe is located at 5200 N Clark in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. 
 LOve loVE this little place! It's going on my fab list. The atmosphere pulls you in! It's a creperie and it's sooo difficult to pick, it all sounds fabulous.
I had hand made apricot iced tea, a vegetable puree soup and the Chicago Crepe~ Avocados, sundried tomato tapanade , cilantro, munster cheese, an organic mix of fresh greens, scallions and sun flower seeds.
MmmMmM! Can't wait to go back! You should try it!

Feb 5, 2011

life art

My first new craft of the year (#8) "Life Art Drawing" always wanted to do it but never did, too shy maybe...?

Nothing better then twenty 3 other women that haven't done it, to loosen you up a bit and make you feel comfortable. It was so much better then what I imagined. As you can see I'm no Michelangelo but I found it easy to concentrate and focus.Can't wait to take a few more classes and learn more.

Feb 2, 2011

The MoRniNg after #2

After a while of playing with the cuzzes, I brought Louise in and chipped the ice from her nose. She looked out the window and cried, My family is out there!
I got ready physically and mentally, to venture out to work. I have a shop...a flower shop and today I had a funeral to deliver. I prayed the family would postpone it but it did not happened.
We left on our expedition camera in hand and  I was pleasantly surprised at how clean the roads where. The streets where almost empty of cars, the sun was shinning and melting the blinding snow. Hard to believe last night was so treacherous.

leaving our neighborhood

maple ave
i wish i had a truck like this for the summer
downtown lemont

we have been waiting since the spring for this place to open, the day after a blizzard, Ah! a SigN of life! ice-cream! 

The MoRniNg after #1

You...yes you...get closer, I'm going to whisper the whole blog post. The feeling outside is quiet and muffled. I feel so good out here.Clean and crisp. They promised snow fall and did they ever deliver.

I sprang out of bed at 6:30 AM and looked out the window....in aw I explained to Louise what I saw, we put on our blizzard outfits and out we went. She looked confused her potty spot was no longer there.
We found a new one and we went on to explore.
As we turned the corner to the back of our home, I heard laughter, we share BIG woods with neighbors, Louise was beside herself. Cousins!!! 

cousin bell

cousin andy

cousin lou

cousins billy and bob

and cousin maggie

Feb 1, 2011

Blizzard Of Twenty 11

We left the shop early  today, it was getting white pretty fast and the wind was picking up, I put a sign on the door just in case we wake up to mountains of white.
A 15 minute ride became 1 hour long, Louise soon became annoyed.  

All sorts of cars were sporting plows, ready to make some extra cash. I lost Louise to a deep snore half an hour in. The radio is telling me the airports are closed, all schools will closed tomorrow, traffic out of the city is impossible and  the Fairmont Hotel has rooms for $100 for all those stranded in the city. For a few seconds I day dream of Louise and I in plush white robes over looking a snowy city. :)

An hour later we got home and made a fire to warm up. I have to admit  I feel like a kid and hope we are buried in snow when I wake up tomorrow morning. Can't wait! Till then~