Feb 15, 2011

the wOnderment switch

Not sure why, when or how. One day I started experiencing a heighten scene of wonderment . I've always got pleasure out of small little oddities but not like this...it is strange and intense, I can only describe it as a switch that was on, but not at full throttle. My first theory was that as time goes by and I loose more of my eggs,I make more room for wonderment :)
Now I have a new theory,  I think we are born with a heighten scene of wonderment and as we get older we loose most of it with troubles, worries and responsibilities and then God reminds us again  what we are missing out on when we are blessed with kids. I don't have children~ But I have LuLu now and she came packed full of it and I'm so grateful! Can't get enough of it grateful. I'll be traveling to Florida next week to meet David. He is being born as we speak, am so excited, I can't wait to hold him and and smell him and to hold my brother and tell him how proud I am of him...you see he has been waiting patiently for nine years to be recharged with wonderment and today is the day. I'm soooo happy for all of us!Our last name continues with him and so does the wonderment :)  Do you have a theories you like to share?
Psalm 37:7 - Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act.


  1. I am excited for Baby David. He has no idea what he is being born into......great food, spanglish, and a 4 legged cousin.

    Hope you have a sunny vacation and come back looking like a cast member of the Jersey Shore (really tan, not tacky).

  2. Oh "Reenie" thank you for your kind and interesting wishes :)