Feb 2, 2011

The MoRniNg after #1

You...yes you...get closer, I'm going to whisper the whole blog post. The feeling outside is quiet and muffled. I feel so good out here.Clean and crisp. They promised snow fall and did they ever deliver.

I sprang out of bed at 6:30 AM and looked out the window....in aw I explained to Louise what I saw, we put on our blizzard outfits and out we went. She looked confused her potty spot was no longer there.
We found a new one and we went on to explore.
As we turned the corner to the back of our home, I heard laughter, we share BIG woods with neighbors, Louise was beside herself. Cousins!!! 

cousin bell

cousin andy

cousin lou

cousins billy and bob

and cousin maggie

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  1. look at lulu! she has a beautiful family :)