Nov 29, 2010

39 things....

There are 6 months left till forty ~ a list of 39 things I want to feel and experience before 40.

1.experience loving a pet
2.more reading
3.go back to Europe
4.purge the closet
5.more writing a new car, a waste of an otherwise perfect day
7.pick up the paint and brushes again
8.learn a new craft
9.start volunteering weekly again
10.reconnect with an old friend
11.cut the umbilical cord to the shop
12.more leisure walks 
14.more quiet time, no tv or computer
5.craft projects~ a ton of those
16.slowing down
17.drinking more earl gray and a little less java
18.move a few eggs to different baskets
19.I will wear more color,photography,photography
21.give love another try
22.switching to MAC
23.go see the house on the rock :) I know... I wanna go with my nephew
24.try a new recipe a week
25.I will say NO at least once a month
26.recycle.... I know...I'm a bad person
27.mend the one broken fence...its time lessons, I need me new moves
00.this is hard
30.switch out my purse more
31.switch the ring tone on my phone
32.bring in one new color to my home, unbelievable right? my entire home is Restoration Hardware Glacier blue.
33. work on the wall of art at the shop
34.embrace accounting...kicking and screaming...
35.habitat for humanity
36.visit a new state
37.embrace and celebrate 40 in a big way
38.I'll be kinder to myself
39.make less lists :)

Nov 28, 2010

Good~Bye 2010

I've made some decisions which basically revolve around me taking more time for me,  pursuing  creative endeavors and  experiencing different feelings.

I need  more time for me, to do new things,I have so many ideas and thoughts that get put in a back shelf in my brain....way back ....but not so buried that I forget about them. I'm constantly making mind and paper lists.
Reminders of projects I want to do, recipes I want to try, places I want to visit, books I want to read and things I want to experience. It has been busy lately, sometimes I feel I forget who I use to be. Responsibilities
push me to go faster and I fight that every step of the way. I hate my cell phone~ at least what it's become, a replacement for real contact.

At times I can't believe I'm 39, the number does not go along with how I feel or how I see myself, this is a good thing, I guess. There are 6 months left till forty and I like to make a list of 39 things I want to feel and experience before 40.
I'll dust of some of those back shelves and get back to you on that list.
Till next year November~