Feb 29, 2012

paris...where to start~part 1

We left London the 29th in the late afternoon, on a train, with hundreds of others. You could feel everyone's excitement and festive spirit , New Year's Eve in Paris ha!!!
We stayed at my cousins Sebastian and his girlfriend Celine's apartment, while they spent the holiday in Argentina with his family. Two girls pretending to be french, living amongst the locals, communicating, shopping, eating and loving life...well.. in my head that's what it would be. It was dark , misty and grand.
We took a ninety  dollar cab ride to the apartment and viola! We were french! We made ourselves comfy in their incredibly charming apartment, ate the most gorgeous cheese, drank wine they left for us and passed out. 
The next morning we explored and this is what we found!                                                

Our front door, lobby and staircase. 
at our footsteps a neighborhood that met all our needs!

London is quite lovely

After a tremendous holiday season,  I headed to Europe with my friend Nea, we've been planning it for a while and  talking about it longer then that, seems like ages, every time we sat here at the shop,  late, wiring boutonnieres, Nae works here par-time and has a gorgeous online boutique.
The plan was to go to Paris for the new year, which we did (more on that later), but we really wanted to fly British Airways so we thought it would be fun to visit London for 3 days!
I have to say, I did not know what to expect of the city itself , I was excited for the countryside and sheep blocking the small winding roads...you know.  I thought London "the city" would be uptight. Was I wrong!
It was large but charming, so pristine and diverse, people super fun and helpful, quite possibly the cleanest, most manicured European city I've been too. The food was yumms and the train station no words....unbelievable! I had a blast, the only regret is that I only had three days. Going back for sure! So much I didn't see yet! What about you? Have you been?

Feb 28, 2012

a day of frolic got me thinken about branding

Sunday~Monday are my days off and because of one of God's many blessings (work) I have not enjoyed a full day off since before Thanksgiving (not counting trip to Europe) but more on that later...still catching you up on blog posts.  So I had this Monday all to myself, and I choose to take Louise for a long stroll down the river walk and then hit some of my fav stores. First Two Bostons to get Lulu a treat for leaving her in the car while I perused around (it's true what they say about parenthood guilt)  Two Bostons is Louise's favorite doggie shop, I also picked up some omega oil to add to her food, hoping this helps with her shedding. Then I moved on to Paper Source (I love their style) and picked up some fun treats for me!  A skip and a jump to Sur La Table to pick up my coffee capsules, come to find out they where on clearance!....because they won't be  caring that brand any more :( that's what I get for picking a machine based on it's looks. A few blocks over I hit Penzeys, my favorite spice shop, not only do I love the way my spice rack looks with the cute jars, they also send me coupons every month for a free jar of something , they  also take expired coupons, today I bought sea salt for for 3 bucks and scored 20 of  free stuff ! Last stop~ Trader Joes for some almond milk, according to my doctor the dairy industry is slowly killing us all, so am trying something new, maybe it will help with my shedding :)
As I drove home I thought about my choices, and how much they were influenced by the packaging , that got me thinking about my logo; I've had it for ten years now,  it was the first big investment when I opened the shop, "branding"  was a fairly new term ten years ago and I felt it was a good investment in my future, I love~loved my logo for ten years now (thank you Echo Design Group), but my question is, should it be updated after a while? if so, after how long?
I dropped Louise off at home and went to the movies with a friend, again I was bombarded with visual choices in the lobby, the movie distracted me here and there, but it too was loaded with brand options.
I  got home took Lulu out for a bit and did some research; this is what I came up with...some change but not extreme and all about ten to twenty years apart (except for PEPSI'S trail and error period).
What are your thoughts should I play around with my logo? would you? P/S you can see my logo if you look to your left!

 my fun goods!

Feb 23, 2012

Indie Wed...we WON!!!

We had the opportunity to be part of the Indie Wed's~Inspired Creations Contest in January, and we WON!!!

We had a fantastic time planning and putting it together! Lots of laughs, trips to resale shops and the Home Depot. A super fun collaboration, our cake was fabulous, and made with so much love by our friends at Creative Cakes , our business cards and menu wraps designed by Julie Usalis my go to girl at Echo Design Group, gorgeous blooms hand picked by Laura London at Mayesh Wholesale and a to dye for vintage inspired gown and model from Monirose. It has been a fantastic experience! We are so grateful  to all of those who helped us, voted for us and also a special thanks to Elizabeth Anne Designs and Indie Wed for allowing us to participate :)

Feb 21, 2012

A hard week

It's so gloomy and damp outside, I need a nap, I needed a nap since 10:30 am. This has been a depressing few weeks. We had so much funeral work I am emotionally drained. I normally enjoy this type of work.  I like the scale, and truly enjoy making beautiful pieces that are not the norm; small gardens if you would, a little bit of sunshine amongst the sadness. But this week it was harder then most. Too many tragic stories that broke my heart. A tiny little girl died (here in town) and I just don't understand it.  Last night was the first night without funeral work in two weeks and I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to watch the Whitney Huston Funeral on Youtube; I cried for 3 hours.
I was in the 7th or 8th grade when she first came in to the seen, the first compact disc to ever sit in my hands. She was something else, her voice like no other and beauty beyond words. I felt a bit angry as I watched, so many people there, at the funeral, many of great resources. How is it that nobody could help her... some deaths (early ones) feel so unnecessary.
To all the families that have resided in my heart this past few weeks, may your loved ones rest in peace, may their memories forever be imprinted in yours, may your hearts mend, and may you always feel that love is stronger then death.

 Whitney Houston 1963~2012

Feb 7, 2012

a heatwave of thoughts

Trying to stay warm channeling summer events. Some of you may know a few years back I started a
 farmers market, here in town, in front of the shop. I've been running it with sweet Donna from the village.
I truly love this market and all that we've accomplished in such short amount of time. 
This past summer we were blessed with an incredible amount of wedding work and it became difficult for me to run market and my business at the same time. We got through it, and after much consideration I decided I wouldn't be running the market this year :( I'm sad about it, but excited for what this summer will bring. I still get to enjoy the market right out my door, all of the happy faces early in the morning and a plethora of goodness to make dinner with. I will still run the facefook page and keep you updated on all new vendors and tempt you with yummy pictures so that you'll sneak out for lunch. Please continue to support our market so that the hard working farmers continue to come and share their goodness with us!

a quick getaway before Christmas

I ran away to Florida before the holiday madness; a chance to see my parents and have a belated hang out with Angelina , my niece. She turned eleven this year, I'm so proud of her, she is kind, sweet and super fun, creative and an awesome big sister. It was Louise's first trip on a plane, she did great! Even made friends at the doggie beach. The girls got along  magically :)
I stayed at my parents and Angelina slepted  over the weekend, we spent hours drawing in the lanai, got our nails done and went to the movies and the beach; we had a blast. Just what I needed before the madness begins. Can't wait till her 12th birthday!


It was a busy summer; hard to keep  my postings up, so many weddings. It's been a whirlwind. I love
creating a brides vision and the opportunity to share in the special day; building relationships through the 
proses and the rewarding feeling I  get when I walk away and it's all in place as planed. This year we enjoyed 
working with a rock star and TV personality, a South African  backdrop, a Michigan Barn, a cupcake 
extravaganza ,  Ramona the pug  (worlds loudest flower girl), a Bollywood of colors, a ton of vintage, a sea of
coral peonies, a carnival masterpiece, a peacock, city luxury, country charm, scotch pairings and these are just a few... Here are some of the fabulous ladies! Thank you ladies! For the opportunity to serve you :)


Photos~ Joshua Abanese, dwjohson, Paul Boyd, and me :)