Feb 29, 2012

London is quite lovely

After a tremendous holiday season,  I headed to Europe with my friend Nea, we've been planning it for a while and  talking about it longer then that, seems like ages, every time we sat here at the shop,  late, wiring boutonnieres, Nae works here par-time and has a gorgeous online boutique.
The plan was to go to Paris for the new year, which we did (more on that later), but we really wanted to fly British Airways so we thought it would be fun to visit London for 3 days!
I have to say, I did not know what to expect of the city itself , I was excited for the countryside and sheep blocking the small winding roads...you know.  I thought London "the city" would be uptight. Was I wrong!
It was large but charming, so pristine and diverse, people super fun and helpful, quite possibly the cleanest, most manicured European city I've been too. The food was yumms and the train station no words....unbelievable! I had a blast, the only regret is that I only had three days. Going back for sure! So much I didn't see yet! What about you? Have you been?


  1. Hey Viv! this looks grand! I'm in when you go back!
    big hug!

  2. I LOVE London! I want to move there. Lucky for you that you liked the food! That was the only thing that I didn't care for.

    1. Oh no! No fish and chips/bangers and mash for us! We kept it simple, eggs and toast every morning at hotel, lunches at little gourmet delis, one night we skipped dinner because we were so full from afternoon tea! you need a nap after that! I come visit if you move there!

  3. OOOOOOO, I still dream of that goat cheese!