Feb 29, 2012

paris...where to start~part 1

We left London the 29th in the late afternoon, on a train, with hundreds of others. You could feel everyone's excitement and festive spirit , New Year's Eve in Paris ha!!!
We stayed at my cousins Sebastian and his girlfriend Celine's apartment, while they spent the holiday in Argentina with his family. Two girls pretending to be french, living amongst the locals, communicating, shopping, eating and loving life...well.. in my head that's what it would be. It was dark , misty and grand.
We took a ninety  dollar cab ride to the apartment and viola! We were french! We made ourselves comfy in their incredibly charming apartment, ate the most gorgeous cheese, drank wine they left for us and passed out. 
The next morning we explored and this is what we found!                                                

Our front door, lobby and staircase. 
at our footsteps a neighborhood that met all our needs!


  1. Chickens, flowers and macarones...
    Who could ask for anything more!

  2. Can't wait to hear the rest! One lucky girl! Will stop by for some fllowers today! see you in a bit

  3. The trip was a roller-coaster in so many ways, but worth every minute and penny:) Thanks for the memories

  4. Gorgeous Viv! I will be there this spring, can't wait to see the rest.

  5. I need a couisin in france. or anywhere viv!