Mar 3, 2012

Montmartre~Paris part 2

This was the one place on top of my list, could not wait to see it! Montmartre is talked about by Parisians the way New Yorkers talk about the village. This incredibly unique village within the metropolis hosts the Basilica of Sacre~Coure at its very peek.
 Our friends Tom and Jenni who live in France while studying french (in preparation for their missions trip to Mali Africa) joined us for our New Year's Eve celebration. It was amazing to see them after a year away; their french was magnifique, and their GPS app, even better! We took the metro to Abbesses station and stepped out into the heart of Montmartre, cobblestone streets, a vintage carousel and a Christmas market greeted us. As we walked further up, the narrow streets widen and a courtyard/park  filled with oil painters, watercolors, portrait sketchers and caricaturists appeared, it was so inspiring to be standing on the grounds where  Picasso, Vlamenck, Derain, Modigliani, Van Gogh and countless others lived and worked. I got myself a little oil to remember the day by.
We continued our way up to the basilica, where we enjoyed unbelievable views and in the midst of sweet sounds of strolling violinists, there she was... our first peek at the Eiffel Tower, looking at us through the cloudy day. I felt so alive!        
We strolled the streets taking in every little detail, the Christmas decorations, the shops and the laughter in the streets. The flower shops were so inspiring and full. We stopped for an espresso at the  cafe where Amelie worked and felt like part of the scene. Dinner for the evening was picked up at a delightful delicatessen, we stayed home that night, relaxed listen to music and made plans for our grand New Years Eve the next day!
                   An unforgettable day, filled with joy, exquisite smells and the laughter of sweet friends.



  1. By far my favorite village in paris! So happy you got to go! Would love to take a trip with you! Where to next?
    Lisa ~

    1. Hey Lisa! I'm going to Argentina this year and stoping in Peru for a little Machu Picchu :) It was good to see you Saturday :)

  2. What an amazing trip, happy new year to you viv! I'll see you next week at the parade.
    Katie C.

  3. It's really a great place to use a belly cam in certain places where security guards say: "Tisk, Tisk, Tisk" while moving his finger back in forth. Still laughing about that!