Mar 27, 2012

pride and passion tuesday / the 8th wonder of the world

Are you ready to have your mind blown!? The A&R is the 8th wonder of the world.
Walk into the shop and the plethora of goodies, the friendly staff, and the sweet sounds of Louie Armstrong will transport you out of your hectic day to a world of simple delights!
Far from the sleepy, dusty antique shop, this Place Rocks! Every corner is full with the most unsuspected treasure and that includes their shop pet Harpo, a lovely standard puddle that likes to accessorize as much as the staff.
Suzanne founded the business in 1976 beginning a lifelong love affair with vintage coolness and wacky retro. Her business partner, Jules, started out as a frequent customer of the Shop. She soon found herself compulsively organizing the chaos and building wonderfully creative displays of merchandise.
Thus began a long lasting friendship and partnership that endures to this day.
They have one of the largest selection of vintage costume jewelry in Chicago,and all neatly displayed by color, they also carry women’s vintage clothing, furs, coats, hats, purses and shoes. Suzanne and Juels treat getting dressed each day as performance art. They are often decked out in a variety of eras all at once. One day they might be inspired by the Deco Days, and the next they are Geisha Gals. Dealers and collectors agree, "Don't tell anyone about this place!" Go discover why they are such a closely held secret. You don't need a secret password to visit, just a treasure map.
All the little details, the vintage brooches neatly organized and separated by color, the music, the fun and the laughter, pride and passion, this is why the A&R ladies inspire us!

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  1. I checked this out today viv! they had a great sale! my fav place! thanks!
    I got you a little something!
    guess who?