Mar 13, 2012

pride and passion

It's the little things that catapult you to the next level, it's a show of pride that best displays your passion.  A few weeks ago I received this lil package from fellow bridal industry friend Olivia Leigh, it stood out in the pile of mail, the perfectly stitched natural cardboard envelope made me smile with anticipation. Inside business cards I had requested, nestled in a lovely cross stitched pocket and a disc with images, from a wedding we worked on together this past December, (you can see Olivia's gorgeous images here) also in its own little house wrapped with twine and hand written message. This is the sort of stuff I live for! The little things!  This along with a visit to Princeton IL (more on that on my next post) made want to start a blog series on small business / people who LOVE what they do. Every Tuesday I will introduce you to someone new, that certain someone that inspires me thru their work, achievements, pride and passion. Looking forward to making new friends . If you know someone special, anywhere around the world, please leave me a note, I love to meet them! Now go on and have a passionate day!


  1. do you know where she got those? I love the envelope, I wonder if they also make stationary?
    let me know please!

    1. I'll have to check Liz! pretty right? they look ecco friendly too!

  2. Can't wait to see who is featured! stopping for those ranuculas later, see ya :)

  3. Great idea! I'm still sad she was booked for my wedding :(
    See you at our next flower meet!

  4. she's so talented,she was booked for my wedding last year too :(
    Can't wait for next tuesday viv!