Mar 19, 2012

pride and passion tuesday/princeton

I had been to Princeton IL several times and always enjoyed the long stretch of boutique shops and antique stores,  although I had not been there in several years,  this past weekend while making a list of vintage treasures I still needed for some of this summer's weddings, I  recalled a visit from a lovely lady, here at the shop a few years back. She reminded me what a great place it was, and told me she had a shop there. Sunday I decided to load up Louise and my camera and headed out to Princeton on a milk glass expedition.
 As I turned onto the Main street my stomach dropped, sign after sign read, for sale, for rent, for lease, for crying out loud, so very sad; we kept driving (this use to be a two and a half mile stretch of stores) and up the road there it was, a little gem, brightly painted and decorated. Her shop was still there!  The building itself was built in the 1850's , it was once a hardware store . Old fashion shelving and drawers from floor to ceiling still outline the perimeter and the running ladders are still used on a daily basis, so much charm! A sweet cafe and chocolate bar in back. They have tons of unique gift items and they make gift baskets for any occasion.   I don't get it! or maybe I get it, and so many others don't! Why do people continue to shop at large chain stores, BEETZ ME  !
This charming shop and it's pride and passion inspired Louise and I!


  1. this is good viv! so good, can't wait to see who else you feature. Is 12:00 ok for me to pick up my party flowers?

  2. Just take a look at Miss Louise! She looks fab!

  3. I'm going in two weeks with my friend Nanci! thanks for tip!