Mar 20, 2012

happy spring

Happy Spring Everyone! This past weekend Louise and I took on the path in the woods, behind my home. It has been wet and muddy, so we had been staying away the last couple of weeks. When I opened the shop, I sold my home and moved into a condo, to feel more financially secure. It has been ten years now, the shop's continued growth made us move three times and I think we finally have enough space for a while. During these moves, the task of moving into a home seemed like an overwhelming endeavor,  so it has taken a back burner.
Restricted to a balcony that has northern exposure, I missed planting flowers and experiencing that magical feeling you get when things start budding and the punches of color that brighten your mornings. A few years back I decided to plant small things, here and there, in the back woods of my building; sort of little treasures that come back year after year just to make me happy.
Here are a few images of the fruit of our labor (Louise has been helping) and a few other sightings we had!
Enjoy the warm weather! Happy spring!


  1. Awww! Love that Viv ;)

    1. would love to see the buddings in Tours right now! I thought of you yesterday as I plugged in my George Forman, I know it sounds odd... but I this would be great for Tom & Jenni! no oven and all, I wondered if they have a George Forman with french electrical capabilities and how would you pronounce it in french ( Le' jorje Frmahnn ). Yes, this where my thoughts while my salmon burned :) Miss you friend~

  2. I love you girl! I'm vising this Saturday, I'll call you for a Starbucks order.
    say hi to lulu for me,