Mar 6, 2012

Buone Annee~Paris part 3

I got my haircut  in the morning with Jenni's help; hair is her thing and I could tell she was scared for me, she watched the stylist like a hawk. We walked along the river Seine, I took pictures like a lunatic all morning, it was an easy going day of people watching at Notre Dame.
Filled with anticipation we headed home and got ready for dinner. People all over town were caring big bunches of fresh mistletoe in preparation for the festivities. It was  a night to be remembered.

That evening as we approached the restaurant we were greeted with a luminous display. Very GRAND Colbert!
After our beautiful meal we walked to the Louvre to take in the view and then start marching with thousands toward the ultimate destination.
And here she was! all dressed up in lights just for us. There are truly no words to describe this night! Only the the four of us can understand what we lived. It was a night I will never forget, there was laughter, there were tears and almost, bike rides home. Buone Annee Ami! Un moment privilegie!


  1. Engraved in my memory forever!

  2. LOL! Such an hilarious memory! Great great great night and yes - those 'almost' bike rides were the absolute perfect ending to that night. ;)

  3. I smell funny secrets, spill it!