Mar 14, 2012

where you been all my life!

Once a year in the springtime,  Himalayans transport this salt, which is hand-mined from deep within the mountains, to the Nepalese valleys for trade. Yaks carry the salt along narrow sloping paths, which often are simply carved in cliffs. These most purest form of salt is fantastic! Not only does it taste delish (seriously if you don't know how to cook, this alone will make you better) but it is also beautiful to look at, affortable and so good for you; your oral health, helps with allergies, thyroid, acne, breathing, fungus, and digestion.
This one is part of my 39 things and am so glad I tried it, I must give you this *WARNING* however, if you try it, be prepared, you will never go back to regular salt. Now go on... I dare you. I get mine here.


  1. you are so right! this is the best stuff ever, I get the TJ one too!never going back!
    my friend loved her flowers! thanks viv!

  2. No love for the regular ol' table salt? I must try these magical little flavor crystals!!!!

  3. If it tastes as pretty as it looks, I'm in! Getting it this weekend, might just fool my husband into thinking I can cook!
    I'll let you know...

  4. My mother-in-law, who loves salt, not only refused to try the TJ's version at my house last week- she rolled her eyes at me. As if pink salt were weird! I had it in Hawaii for the first time and got hooked.

    1. My parents would probably call it designer salt! I don't care, it makes me happy! and it's good for me too. In the next couple of weeks I'm doing a post on another food item I think the Mr might like! miss you :)
      thanks for comment!