Mar 19, 2012

if only

I'm a bit of a vagabond. My heart desires to discover new places, new people and their culture. If I had a magic wand this would be my constant. I remember watching Lonely Planet, while my friends watched Melrose Place. In my mind always, a list of places or particular things I like to experience around the world. Trying to slowly chip at it, while maintaining a business is difficult, but I will continue my day dreaming;  strongly believing that day dreaming is what allowed me to make reality out of hopes and desires. You should try it, it works!
This is what has been in my thoughts lately.

The Dining Pod, engineered with a rigid frame swathed in woven rattan, is not unlike a cocoon with an open panorama window. Up to four diners board the pod, and are then elevated to the lofty height by a system of safety winches. Food courses arrive courtesy of a flying waiter – harnessed to a zip line – as do beverage replenishment. You must zip line to get there too, I assume alcohol consumption is provably kept to a minimum :)

This unique experience can be found at Soneva Kiri in Thailand, part of the Six Senses chain, stay here and you’ll be flown from Bangkok directly to the resort’s private airstrip. A short boat and buggy ride later and you are in paradise. Perfect beaches. Excellent service. Top notch food.  Supremely eco-friendly—stay in the resort’s zero emissions Eco-Villa and you’ll be surrounded by locally sourced materials, use renewable energy and swim in your own private natural swimming pool that uses plants to clean the water. Now tell me this is not worth day dreaming a whole day about!
If anyone out there... reading this has been there, please share, your brain needed for picking! 

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  1. i only wish Vivie! but I'll go with you, let me know when you are ready!