Mar 25, 2012

goodness is meant to be shared

Sunday mornings at my parents house should be jarred. The sweet smells of fresh sauce (yes we call it sauce, gravy goes on mashed potatoes) swafting in the air speaks of family, fun and laughter.
If you ask any Italian the tomato used makes the sauce. We are always searching for that perfect jar.

As a child I remember harvest time, and the whole family getting together at my aunt Teresa's house to can tomatoes for the year. My job was to put two leaves of basil in each bottle and once in a while they let me have a spin of the seed strainer. I'm not sure why, but we canned it in champagne bottles and my uncles were in charge of the corking apparatus.

  At the end of the day there was always fresh pasta and wine, loquat fruit and figs from my aunt's trees, and great memories made.

This all took place in Buenos Aires where I was born, my parents immigrated from Italy as teenagers and now we live in the states and are constantly searching for that feeling of gathering and family and what better way then sharing a meal.

I hit the tomato mother load when I picked up a bottle of Bionaturae strained tomatoes at Wholefoods. This could quiet possibly be the best thing to happen to Italians since Jersey Shore! Is it the bottle? Is it the tomato? Not sure, but it rocks! You have to try it, it's sweet and it coats your pasta like nobodies business.
This is how we make our marinara, its simple and light.

2 bottles of Bionaturae
1 medium yellow onion
1 large clove of garlic
5 leaves of FRESH basil
4 table spoons of olive oil
salt and red crushed pepper to taste

Dice onion and saute in olive oil at medium heat.
mince garlic and add once onion is translucent. Stir
for about a minute and add 2 bottles of Bionaturae,
 Be sure NOT to burn onion and garlic, if you do
start over again! Fill the bottle of Bionaturae with water  and stir in. Add  chopped basil and salt and red crushed pepper to taste.  Simmer uncovered for one hour at medium low heat. Toss with some beautiful parppadelle pasta, sprinkle some Parmesan
 and Brava! Sunday meal! Don't forget to put a few
stems in the sweet bottle to finish off your table :)

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  1. Mmmmmmm! Now I'm hungry!!