Apr 3, 2012

pride, passion and chocolate tuesday!

I have a thing for obsessed people -- who manage to turn their passion into an art form. This is  why I love Mast Brothers Chocolate.

 Located in Brooklyn New York, brothers Rick and Michael, turn hand-sourced beans from small farms in Madagascar, Venezuela, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic into beautiful, deeply complex chocolate bars (almond sea salt my fav).
Not only do they make a divine chocolate, they hand wrap it, with gorgeous hand printed floral papers and if that wasn't enough, they managed to reduce their carbon foot print by transporting themselves to the 19th century; they chartered a 70-foot schooner to pick 20 metric tons of beans up from the Dominican Republic.
 It took 14 days to get the bean-filled schooner back to Brooklyn, with only wind powering the boat. The brothers said they learned a lot just bringing it into the Brooklyn port. The city hadn’t played host to a schooner in decades. They were like "Why would you do that?” Once it sunk in, the city agreed it was quite an awesome endeavor. At the port, they inspected the beans and found no problems–making Mast Brothers the first since 1939 to sail cargo into New York City! You can watch videos of these sexy guys doing what they love most here! Pride, passion and chocolate, that's why the Mast Brothers inspire me...and they're sweet on the eyes too :)

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