Apr 10, 2012

pride , passion and poppy tuesday

I've been always told am a bit different, but it has never stopped me from doing the things I like. Although I did enjoy a typical childhood of pretending to be wonder woman , lassoing my younger sister and dragging her across our backyard, I would much rather spend time gardening with my dad and grandpa and learning how to cook with my mom or grandma. I looked up to them and they were my real super heroes.
Today at 40, my life is full of things to be grateful for and I added a new hero. I want to be just like her when I grow old! England's Valerie Finnis one of the great ladies of gardening, renowned as a plantswoman and flower photographer. Her mother was Constance Finnis, who raised the strain of Iceland poppies that bears her name. She noticed her young daughter's fascination with plants, and gave her a prominent plot in front of the house when she was only four. At 18, Valerie entered Waterperry Horticultural School for Women near Oxford. She surrounded herself with her beloved plants, pictures and loved ones. She gardened with her husband ten hours a day until he died. 
A variety of blue Muscari was named after her, when it appeared inexplicably in her English garden. She wore crazy hats and loved to gossip about the plant world. I give anything to spend a day investigating her brain over a pot of Earl Gray.


  1. can I come to the tea party? See you sunday for prom madness :)

  2. you are too cool my friend, and your poor sister! coming back for some blooms this weekend, i'll bring Coco so Louise can play!