Apr 30, 2012

passion tuesday, not a business but a man

Today a little something different, we been celebrating a business every Tuesday, but today we celebrate a man!
Remember our annual facebook single ladies Valentine's contest? Well, this year's winner was the beautiful and oh so talented cake maker Betsy, this was her winning post.

"The life of a single woman…. My life as a single woman…. I would have never thought as a little girl, that at 32 years old, this sentence would apply to me, but it still does. And, while there are moments of loneliness and what if’s I wouldn’t change a thing. I am a powerful, independent, intelligent, kind and generous woman who has worked for everything I have. I have been in love. I have lost love. I have hated myself in the past (sadly, what woman hasn’t), but have grown to truly embrace who I am and all that I have to offer. So, now I date. I date short guys and tall guys, big guys and small guys, funny guys and shy guys, guys who forget they are married, guys who forget they have children, guys who forget they are unemployed, and guys who would never even think to open a car door or buy me flowers. But, one day I know after kissing all those frogs that my Prince Charming will come. It will be the right time, the right man, the right love and my heart will be full. And, I can’t wait…. Cause he will have flowers!" 

Little did she know that shortly there after, on a flight to Miami, she would meet the man of her dreams!
A rare breed... A man who knew what he wanted and didn't  hesitate to go after it.
Not wanting to waste anytime, after a few months of dating, he flew her out to meet his family and this passed weekend he sealed the deal with this gorgeous ring!

     We couldn't be happier for you Betsy! We are all so excited to see your bright and beautiful future unfold! This whirlwind romance has us jumping for joy! and wondering if we should fly into Miami more...


  1. Viv you are the kindest person I have ever met. I can't think of another woman who just genuinely continues to wish the best for others, never says a cruel word, and cares about her patrons and friends as much as you do! Thank you for always putting a smile on my face. Thank you for being an example to me of what a strong, successful, and talented business woman is! You are loved!!- Betsy & Rich!

  2. Oh dear girl! It is us single girls that are uplifted and inspired by you! You are too sweet and it is now your turn! Take it all in, one little delicious moment at a time!yayayayayayayayayayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

  3. Your ring is GORGEOUS Betsy!! Congratulations!