Apr 17, 2012

pried, passion and dignity tuesday

Recently my doctor informed me that it is now time for annual mammograms. It caught me of guard and it frightened me a bit.
Although I get annual check ups and breast examinations with my physician, I have to admit I'm not that good at routine self examinations, will definitely  work on that this year.
Dr Feldman gave me a list of her preferred imaging places and I went on my way.
I finally made an appointment, I choose Dupage Imaging in Hinsdale.
They were very nice and personable on the phone and explained in detail what my appointment would be like.

The day of my appointment, I got there fifteen minutes earlier (2:30) as they had requested, beautiful fresh flowers on the counter :) happy smilie faces greeted me and checked me in swiftly; I was escorted to a waiting room/ relaxing room and told my tech would come and get me. Almost immediately  Gigi walked in and showed me to a small room with a variety of gowns  and said I should lock the door,  she would come and get me from door on other side of the room after I changed. She nocked and asked if I was ready, I fluffed my hair and went out. Gigi was very soft spoken and kind, asked me to sit down, told me she was aware that I had asked for a thyroid guard (read more about that here) and showed it to me, explained how it would go around my neck and then proceeded to explain in detail what she would be doing and how they would handle the results.
We proceeded with mammogram and it was really painless, not even uncomfortable, I guess I have my bigger boobs to thank for that :)
I left imaging center at 3:05 delighted at the treatment, swiftness and most of all at their kindness and with my dignity intact!
I'm happy to say I received a clean bill of health letter yesterday :) This only took thirty minutes out of my year, hardly an inconvenience. I will be much better at self examination and hope you will join me too and when you are ready for your first mammogram please consider Dupage Imaging it was a great experience. Their kindness is why I choose them for this weeks pride and passion.
I placed a pink badge on the left of your screen with a link to the  Susan G Komen site, lots of great information there. Please share my experience and get checked.

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  1. I have to go soon Viv! Thanks for posting!