Apr 24, 2012

pride and passion tuesday; a gem of an idea

Meet Reenie Rose!

Always connected to the art world, whether it be coloring in a book, starting her own art fair, or successfully managing an art gallery, Loreen Rose found a unique niche while staying true to her first love, art.
Her gorgeous oil renderings of bridal bouquets are the perfect memento of your special day. 
Her attention to detail and ability to capture nature at its best, is like no other.
Compartmentalized strokes of color form a picture like quality to each piece.
I'm over the moon about this idea! Freeze drying your bouquet, so you can slowly watch it disintegrate through the years is hardly the memory I like of my wedding day.
Loreen will work together with your florist,  photographing your bouquet the day before your wedding, meets with you to decide on your preferred shot and then works meticulously to create your one of a kind heirloom.
A fantastic and unique wedding shower gift (she can create a registry for your  bridal shower) , or how about a secret one year anniversary gift from the groom! 
Pride, passion, creativity and so much love into every piece; we are in love with Reenie Rose!
Take a look at Loreen at work on this lovely video below. You can also meet her this Thursday the 26th of April, HERE!

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  1. this is so beautiful viv! great idea for a wedding gift