Feb 16, 2011

my christian louboutin's

Most of you know I work on my feet all day.Four years ago I tore my plantar fascia wearing gorgeous little shoes all summer while at work. Things changed for me when it came to shoe shopping, a passion of mine (
I went from Chicago Soles to the Walking Company in 0.5 seconds, very painful.
I wear Scandinavian surgeon  clogs  (Sanita) during the winter months, as a frequent costumer every December I get a sneak peak at their summer collection of orthopedic sandals! Yeepy! I must say they get better and better every year, they are truly comfortable and the colors make me feel like I still remain a part of the rest of the female population.
So I make a big deal out of my picks, I look at upcoming fashion I ask friends and then I decide on a few pair.
Every Christmas my mom sends me gift cards to the Walking Company, I reorder and every end of February Dough my UPS guy brings them to my door :)
I thought I share my excitement and my orthopedic picks with you! I just got them today! Do you have any suggestions?
Don't forget to get the Silver Ion sandal freshener/cleaner, it's a must.

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  1. I totally understand what you're going through... I have spent the last 3 days in pain because of the huge blisters I've made on my feet just for walking 10 blocks with a pair of sandals! I just don't seem to be able to use any other thing on my feet than flip-flops or trainers...