Feb 9, 2011

a different continent just around the corner

 Out with the girls Monday I continued my stepping out of the box this year. I choose an Algerian Kafe for lunch.:)
Icosium Kafe is located at 5200 N Clark in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. 
 LOve loVE this little place! It's going on my fab list. The atmosphere pulls you in! It's a creperie and it's sooo difficult to pick, it all sounds fabulous.
I had hand made apricot iced tea, a vegetable puree soup and the Chicago Crepe~ Avocados, sundried tomato tapanade , cilantro, munster cheese, an organic mix of fresh greens, scallions and sun flower seeds.
MmmMmM! Can't wait to go back! You should try it!


  1. Im going saturday!thanks!

  2. it all sounds so great -and i love the pictures!

  3. OK Viv,
    Help me out I can't seem to sign up for these posts! I'll give you all my pass words, I just need some help! how do I find out what my URL is?

  4. never mind, i think i figured it out ;)

  5. from someone who is very very food picky, this resturant definatley did not disapoint. The colors where beautiful and it was fun to step outside of my comfort zone.

  6. viv...i knew we were destined to be friends. two weeks ago, in honor of my Mom's bday, i drove to andersenville, looked at the amazing flowers at the garden of gethsemane nursery, read a wonderful architecture book while enjoying a cappuccino at the coffee spot, visited an art gallery and finished with lunch at cafe icosium....one of my favs. i even stopped in to see you but didnt tell u about my day. we seriously need to play in the city together this summer. Marcie