Feb 1, 2011

Blizzard Of Twenty 11

We left the shop early  today, it was getting white pretty fast and the wind was picking up, I put a sign on the door just in case we wake up to mountains of white.
A 15 minute ride became 1 hour long, Louise soon became annoyed.  

All sorts of cars were sporting plows, ready to make some extra cash. I lost Louise to a deep snore half an hour in. The radio is telling me the airports are closed, all schools will closed tomorrow, traffic out of the city is impossible and  the Fairmont Hotel has rooms for $100 for all those stranded in the city. For a few seconds I day dream of Louise and I in plush white robes over looking a snowy city. :)

An hour later we got home and made a fire to warm up. I have to admit  I feel like a kid and hope we are buried in snow when I wake up tomorrow morning. Can't wait! Till then~

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