Jan 29, 2011

I need your help!

 So I need your help! Someone please! I came across this....mmmm...via Cannelle et Vanille and I can't have it, remember the whole doc Margatrite thing ,well...no sugar for me...for a while. So I need someone to make this and describe it in detail, come on, who will take one for the team? and if you are going to do it, I need you to do it right, perfect crusty bread, good chocolate and the sweetest of olive oils. I'll be waiting :)

Chocolate, Olive Oil and Fleur de Sel Bocadillo

1 crusty baguette
2 70% cacao chocolate bars
2 tsp organic arbequina olive oil or any good quality extra virgin olive oil you like
Couple of pinches of fleur de sel

Cut the baguette in half and toast it under the broiler. Remove it from the broiler, drizzle some olive oil and place the chocolate on top of the bread. Place it back in the broiler for 5 seconds so the chocolate warms up a bit but remember that we don't want to melt the chocolate! Remove from the oven and finish it with the salt. Open your mouth big and eat right away!


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  2. The goddesses were gathering and I decided to make this for dessert...I had ciabatta rolls, 70% dark chocolate bars from Trader Joe's, Colavita EVOO, and yes, I did have fleur de sel...YUM...there was moaning...some homemade caramel sauce would be nice drizzled on this too...sorry about your sugar fast...denise