Jan 18, 2011


I've been trying to have less coffee and more green teas~ I'm told it's better for me and so why not, in the spirit of new and good health here we go~  My sweet papa (love him so)got wind of this and send me these magical blooming  teas. You can get them at Teavana there is one in Oak Brook, one on Michigan Ave and one in Orland Square. I'm also loving, loving a beautiful cuppa ginger peach tea from The Republic of Tea this stuff is like gun powder (as it warns on the tin) I like to get it loose and  use it sparingly. Whole Foods carries it, sometimes I find them at HomeGoods for half the price. I just ordered a Red Velvet Chocolate tea ....???? interesting right? I'll keep you posted on that!  I'm only drinking caffeine~free teas, I feel less dry over all its a good thing!

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  1. Will be trying the peach Viviana!Let me know about the red velvet ?!?!