Jan 26, 2011


As of lately I've been inspired by a few people and I'm trying to live with less and purge some stuff. So I'm pledging  not to buy myself a single stitch of anything until September, not a single THING, only experiences. I will travel, I will buy toiletries, and food, take a class or two or three, but I will not acquire  any material possessions.
I will however like to put a clause on this experiment/contract: If  by any freak chance I become a size 2, I'll be allowed to get one pair of jeans and a shirt, and if George Clooney walks up to me and asks me out on a date I will have to buy a new outfit, go for laser cellulite removal , hair AND make up.....and if he asks me to marry him before September I will need a wedding dress, the proper clothing to wear around our Villa in Lake Como and a Vespa...listen! this is my dream and I want a Vespa in it!
Picture found here.

 Anyone care to join me, with this or another social experiment?


  1. I admire your experiment, but I was never any good in chemistry:)

  2. Oh come on join me!Give up pork and cheese then....