Jan 21, 2011

I got $20 on Margarite

It is fair to say that I internalize my stress . I've always felt like I must be everything to everyone at all times. It's no secret that the past 12 years I have been completely consumed and in~love with my job and the people I serve. No mater how hard I've pushed this body of mine, it has worked for me, supported me and preformed for me without holding grudges, always with a smile and all of this with minimal maintenance.

I remember when I turned 16 my dad gave me my first car, his  1979 Chevy Caprice limited addition, it was perfect, it could fit 9 of us girls on a Saturday night out dancing at the Prime and Tender :), he also made sure to get me an converter  for the a~track player, so I could play my Modonna cassette tapes, and he said to me " You are now responsible for this car, as long as you make sure you keep up with the oil changes and pay for your insurance you should be Ok". I think all these years I felt the same way about my body, I got health insurance, got my teeth cleaned every six months , went to the gynnie once a year and pushed myself to the limits. Everything was great  until a few years ago, a few things started breaking down , I thought...."Oh these late 30's are starting to show wear and tear".After all, a group of friend that was a bit older had gone through it, but I soon noticed there were too many little things and I began to wonder what was going on~

Here is my girl....she was a beaut

 A friend of mine suggested I get a primary doctor, and she told me they had one in the woman's clinic where her obgyn was, that all the doctors worked together, I could get test done there, they had a spa.It sounded perfect! I went to see the doctor  for my yearly female exam, the space was lovely and they had flowers on the counter, that is all I needed to see, SOLD! 
The very first time something did go wrong with me and I really needed someone to listen to my concerns and symptoms, the doctor suggested it was in my head and asked if I wanted something for my anxiety, I explained to her that I felt like I was dying and that if I was going to dye I wanted to have a clear head so I could properly express to all of those who  have helped and loved me how much I loved them! She looked at me  and said IF you want I can order some blood work, I said I WANT!
A nurse called me five days later to tell me everything looked great and so it was just easier for me to pretend I was Ok and I just kept pushing myself as usual. Honestly I have no clue why when it comes to my body or health I loose every bit of back bone or assertiveness~ maybe because I was taught that I should respect doctors and I should always wear good socks and underwear when I go for a visit....not sure why really, but I kept going to this woman just so she could continue to belittle me, under mind me,and  rush me out. I even started thinking I was the problem and brought a friend into the exam room so she could tell me if I was crazy or if my doctor was. I choose my friend Michelle, she is my go-to girl, for when I need to be told the brutal truth, she can shake me like no other. If you don't have one of these, you should get one. We went in, Dr said hello and  "why are you here today?". I told her, I still don't feel right, my left hand gets numb, I can't stop clenching my jaw, I'm loosing hair in clumps, my blood sugar drops real low, I have low blood pressure, I have a pain under my right breast every time I eat and several other things I will spare you from...YOU... not the doctor. She said to me, "Well there is only a certain amount of time allotted per visit and this is too much to deal with." I looked at Michelle with  my eyes welling up with tears and she signed with her index finger going across her neck  "I am going to KILL you!" .I knew right there and them, the one who really needed help in the room was my doctor.

I never went back~ I still owe her $200 hundred dollars for that last visit, I'll probably pay her when it's time to buy a house or a car and it shows up on my credit score.... am still angry :)

Not to long ago I hurt my back and it was taking longer then usual to get back on my feet, at my wit's end, I followed the advice of another friend and went to see her chiropractor Dr Margarite, I checked in and was given the same chart you have to fill out at a first doctor's visit, but more detailed, 8 pages.
Doctor came out herself to greet me and take me in, she was young and earthy, very smiley and welcoming, she went through my answers and asked me so many questions I felt I needed to ask for a life line! After a 2 1/2 hour appointment, she said to me , "It is my believe that your adrenal system is exhausted  and not working properly and with your permission I would like to help you change that" I said YES please!
She changed my diet, changed my breathing, she's drowning me in water, and makes me focus on feelings I have been avoiding for 39 years every time she adjusts me. It has only been a hand full of visits, I feel like a million dollars but I only pay $75 for over 2 hours and she takes my insurance. She is also an acupuncturist, and kinesiologist, specializing in woman's health and nutrition.Oh and apparently she has a masters in listening.
So for now I will file this one under # 38  (I'll be kinder to myself). What about you? What have your experiences been like?....with eastern or western medicine.


  1. Glad you are feeling better, we should talk horror stories soon.Great post!

  2. I think I NEED a Margarite! Will you send me her info? Was this the place on Route 83 you were telling me about?

    Katie :)

  3. Yes Kate!
    If you link on her name you'll get her info. She is at Soder World.

  4. Loved reading more about this Viv! Thank you. I have stress and anxiety, which sometimes I think come out in physical symptoms. I am going to look into Margatrite to see if she can help me. Thanks for the info. I'm sharing this with Laura too. She'll be so excited :)