Jan 4, 2011

shinny, new and greatful

Like a new penny sparkly and shinny, that is how our 2011 started. Louise had a bath and we put on a brand  new , bigger and brighter red collar. Her baby one was causing asphyxiation . We only came out to potty that day...Louise... my neighbors don't like it when I potty outside. I kept a fire going all day and night, made soup, it's all about soup and a cuppa tea lately. After I cleaned up the mess from the prior night's festivities, I begun to indulge in a day of writing and reading. Writing about my experiences in the year that passed and reading my french books and listening to french music, in preparation for my trip to Paris, I know it's early yet, but I can't help myself, am so excited.
As I reflect on 2010 can't help but to be overwhelmed with gratitude for so many important experiences. Some happy, some sad. Making new friends getting closer to old ones, the loss of life and the heartbreak it brings to dear ones. The joy of new babies and the hope. I love that about life, how it just makes you stop and take notice.You could be doing the most mundane task and within a split second everything changes. It has taken some work getting here ,but I've gotten much better at finding the good, it's a very comforting feeling knowing that God is constantly walking alongside me.
I'm grateful for reinvention and new inspiration at the shop, part of the new friendships of 2010 cheering  squad (you know who you are) and there aren't enough vinegary meals to thank you , come to think of it you should really stop, it can't possibly be good for you...all of that acid... anyway, I'm happier then I've ever been, still learning and trying to reach further and experience new things.
Louise and I like to wish YOU a happy new year and want to thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts and also for walking alongside in our journey. Can't wait for new surprises :)


  1. I like to be called on such days please!

  2. When are you going to Paris? So impressed with your preparation. I would love to listen to the CD's. Huge music lover. Don't think I can read the books. My favorite place in Vegas is Paris :)
    ~shelly f.

  3. I will be in Paris to receive the New Year 2012.You should try books on CDs you can listen, like music!
    I miss you Shells! You need to make a visit!
    Glad you are tying the class :)