Feb 2, 2011

The MoRniNg after #2

After a while of playing with the cuzzes, I brought Louise in and chipped the ice from her nose. She looked out the window and cried, My family is out there!
I got ready physically and mentally, to venture out to work. I have a shop...a flower shop and today I had a funeral to deliver. I prayed the family would postpone it but it did not happened.
We left on our expedition camera in hand and  I was pleasantly surprised at how clean the roads where. The streets where almost empty of cars, the sun was shinning and melting the blinding snow. Hard to believe last night was so treacherous.

leaving our neighborhood

maple ave
i wish i had a truck like this for the summer
downtown lemont

we have been waiting since the spring for this place to open, the day after a blizzard, Ah! a SigN of life! ice-cream! 

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  1. Glad you slowed down for a day viv!