Oct 28, 2011

4th of july + nat + fireworks= fun

 We planed a grand evening, the carnival, cotton candy,singing, hot~air balloons, fireworks, singing, rides, skipping, singing (lots of singing when Natty and I get together) and the night would be topped off by her very first sleep over in a homemade tent for her and Louise in my living room. We skipped home 2 blocks singing rolling down the river, swung the doors open and got to worken on the tent; sheets, chairs, a couch, broom sticks, pillows, blankets,string, flash light, TED (her favorite nite nite teddy bear), and her  princess book which I read 14 times that evening. I tucked her in and told her I had the time of my life....she looked at me with her beautiful big brown eyes and said.....I wanna go home...