May 29, 2011

four T

Went with sisi to the rolling hills of Sonoma for the big celebration. God's hands are all over this place.It's my resting place...not dying...just feel there like I don't have a care in the world...I know what you are thinking, I'm not a wino!
I just have a connection to this place, the earth, flora, fauna....God.

I will live there some day and I will and anything else I can...and this song will be playing in the background.


  1. OK, I admit, had to turn on "this song" and look at pics again. Very nice, God's hands are everywhere! The artist is playing on June 7th at Pritzker Pav in the city! Might have to head over, thanks for sharing! Enjoy your moments :)

  2. I know what you mean...felt the same way when my new husband took me to his family's vineyard in Austria on our many ways ARE there to kneel and kiss the felt like coming home...
    thanks for sharing your, denise

  3. @ Shelly....Im going!!!!!!
    @ Denise we need to talk about your husband and his family's vineyards!!!

  4. Sonoma is so beautiful... The smells, the mountains, the wine! Can I come visit when you move there?

  5. yes you long as miss E comes along.