May 31, 2011

like my money back on spring

Louise and I are full throttle in wedding season and it's so hard to feel part of the summer when you are working so much and when the sun don't shine...what is going on in the Midwest!?
I'm staying true to my promise and scheduling blocks of time for myself.  I found Lulu a walker for Saturdays (my busiest day ) this makes the guilt lessen a bit. Farmers Market is starting next Tuesday and am knee deep in preparation, this year we have new vendors and children's activities. I've let go of some of the events I had taken on, in an effort to be kinder to my body and mind, it was a hard proses to try to figure out why I put so much on my plate, who am I really do it for?....and the guilt that comes along and those feelings are horrible....but I love being involved with  this market! It's the kick off to the summer! and a reminder of my childhood and a bountiful blessing, I love it!  Come visit the Lemont's Farmers Market its awesome!

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  1. Can't wait V! you are awsome!