Jan 12, 2013

a mixed bag

January came fast, we had enjoyed a lovely holiday season, and then the news that  Denise's Mr had passed...the wake was the most thoughtful celebration I've been to, Denise is a real special soul.
Then an amazing act of love happened and I want to share it with you. On January 2nd I posted this, be sure to read the first comment on bottom of post. Don't you just want to hug someone!!!! Love Love Love :)

My parents were in town a few weeks for the holiday festivities. My dad believes grapefruit cures everything...kinda like the Greek  Windex theory . We counted, and in two weeks he peeled forty grapefruits for us. Thank you daddy for three weeks of love and citrus!

I'm in LOVE with my new bag and IT loves me back! just wanted to share that bit :)

Three Kings day was huge when I was a kid in Argentina, not so much here :(  I decided to mention it to Nat this year, but I did it in a way that would not entefeer with her Santa belives . I borowed a Mexican tradition! I got a Three Kings wreath (sweet baked bread) inside they bake 3 plastic babies. Whomever gets the babies has to make the tamales. Cute right!? I told her , she didn't even ask what tamales were, she just wanted those babies! We made sure she got all three... she is into winning right now :)

On our way to the airport, Louise's grandparents are going back home to Florida. She was sad, but cozy in her very pink coat, a Christmas gift from Nat. 

Look what you did!

All of your kind words and reviews earned us this badge! Thank you, Thank you!

January brings the promise of an incredible year, I can't wait!

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