Dec 16, 2010

You are my sunshine

I can't tell you how happy I am about adopting this little pup. Never ever ever, in a million years did I think I would feel the way I do. Lulu is my plus one, she comes with me to the shop everyday and has developed great popularity around town. I walk into the deli and Mike, behind the counter says "hi louise!", the girls at the salon drop their shears,brushes and combs when we walk in, "louise! at the park and  at the shops, post office and all about town she has made friends left and right. Peter my client made a shirt during elections that read "louise for mayor". I'm so proud of her!
I found my Lulu through Petfinder at Cache Creek rescue in Shorewood IL. They work very closely with neighboring southern states. Louise is a Beagle Dachshund mix from Kentucky. It has been an amazing experience.
This holiday season every piece of fudge, fruitcake,cookie and sweet that walked into the shop came along with a toy/treat for my little southern bell. Thank you everyone! For loving my little sunshine as much as I do and making this such a positive experience for me.


  1. We do love her! she's the best!
    chris and the kids

  2. She really would make a better Mayor!