May 23, 2012

mossy green

I live a stones throw from the Morton Arboretum, I go there often to set up weddings or on my day off, for a short walk and a big plop under a tree to draw.
A few weeks back on a rainy Monday I got the pleasure of seeing it for the first time through my friend's eyes. I think they have a section there named after her, she visits so often. We took the back paths and got to see areas I've never seen before and people hard at work in the green houses. It was warm and a bit misty and everything was extra green and shiny, such a lovely place. I also got to see the library for the first time! It's just lovely, I wish they would rent it out for events, soooo intimate and smart!


  1. your pictures are so inspiring viv! thank you for sharing!
    my flowers where beautiful saturday,I love that Rick thinks of you now, and that's probably because of the freak out when he came home the first time with mums from jewel :)

  2. Thanks Lisa! You are a good teacher!!! that boy will never go to jewel again!