Nov 26, 2012

a dose of small bussiness

I am determined to do all of my Christmas shopping at small businesses this year . I kicked off this year's holiday shopping with a few of My Ladies at the Dose Market. If you haven't been yet, you must go, there is one more left this year. 

Pretty flowers are always a treat for me :)

 If you are looking for a little something different you can commission a poem!

                                                                          A yummy treat!
By far the find of the day! these gorgeous repurposed vintage suitcase speakers by ARTPENTRY .
 I even scored a little something for myself, this vintage English dress for $20; am telling everyone
 the Mother Queen wore it. I love old ladyish prints!!! 
And someone I know is getting something on the table below :)

Our favorite smores!
We went for lunch apologies to all vegan friends :(
Next Dose! Check it out!

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