Jun 3, 2012

for the love of flowers

Flowers! Oh how I love flowers! Question is... do I love them more than I love myself???
The wedding industry has become so glamorized and at times I feel a bit detached from all of that, like somehow I don't fit in.
I love the brainstorming, planning, the excitement of it all; ripping the boxes open and putting together what we've been planning for a while, making  reality a vision is basically like crack for me. Yes!!! I have an addiction, so much so that I forget what I even look like the day of the wedding. Normally hair back, still a bit of dirt under my finger nails and no make~up.
Always hiding from the guests hoping to catch a glimpse of couples reaction to the room. Wedding planners walking around in pretty little Anthropologie dresses, photographers in cool urban outfits with kick ass gear hanging from their necks, like the most amazing pieces of jewelery I've ever seen and here I am a hot mess. What in the world?!
 The thing is, I feel bad for about an hour and then on the way back to the shop all I can think about is getting some more crack and a nap... anyone else feel this way?


  1. Barbara ThinglumJune 4, 2012 at 10:39 AM

    I think you forgot to say that you perform magic with your flowers. Really, you do!

    1. Thank you Mrs Thinglum! still on a hight from Kate's wedding, she looked stunning! and is truly one of the happiest, sweetest and most active~never stops active brides I've ever worked with!

  2. I wish I had even a 1/10th of your passion Viv! And, regardless of the makeup, hair, nails, outfits and jewels you truly are beautiful inside and out! So, live your passion and forget about the rest! We are all on board wether you have dirt under your fingers or not!!

    1. bless your heart who ever you are! I'm still jealous of those kick ass cameras! I think I may need one to feel better =)
      a giant one, with a lens large enough to use as a vase! Thank you!