Jun 4, 2012

pride and passion tuesday/ Esther's Place

We set out on our adventure on a brilliant  Sunday afternoon, Nick, Nat, (my sister's kids) Louise and yours truly. Our mission to learn something new from the sweet ladies at Esther's Place.
 Nick and I used to have dates all the time when he was a little bean, but now that I lead the glamorous life of a small business owner, time is at a premium and poor little Nat has been suffering the consequences of my busy schedule. 
So this summer I decided to try to change that a bit and what a great place this was to start our adventures!

Esther's Place began with a small flock of sheep and a wheel and has since grown into a fiber arts studio and rereat center . Named after one of their first sheep,  Esther's Place was founded by Natasha Lehrer at the age of nineteen. With assistance from her parents and others, she wrote grants, learned everything she could about different fiber arts, helped furnish Esther's Place restored 19th century Victorian building, and began this vibrant community resource in the sweet rural town of Big Rock, Illinois. 

Twice a year Esther's Place holds an open house weekend, where you can come explore the possibilities 
and have a meet and greet with the flock and yes Esther was there too!

We explored the studio, enjoyed a felting class and sampled delicious baked goods and refreshments the ladies made. It was delish!

Then Natasha escorted us to the pastures to meet Esther and her friends. Natasha was delightful, passion poured out of her with every explanation and with the animals. She loves what she does and we got to reap the rewards. The kids loved it! Nat said she wants  to be a farmer when she grows up :)

We got to feed the flock and pet the baby lambs, they were sooooooooo sweet.

It was a great day all around, we learned how to felt and about the life of a sheep farmer, left with lots of great goods for future projects, delicious homemade breads and we made fun memories we will share for a lifetime. I will be taking a class there this fall and would love it if you would come along with me and support this heartFELT small business with large passion !


  1. Normajeanne Eck had a similiar venture in Door County. Wisconsin...it was a favorite destination for years...that and Sievers weaving school on Washington Island...sounds so fun!! My fingertips are itching! What classes are you taking?

    1. definitely a felting class, haven't picked the project yet, but I like to go back again for the cheese making class! Would love it if you came along Denise! Maybe we can get Tiff to come! That is only when it's to cold for her to get in the waters, she has only eyes for the kayak right now :)

  2. Is it weird to be a little jealous of a 4 year old style? It looks like a lot of fun was had:)

  3. I picked her up and she was accessorizing for the sheep, she said to me, "I put on a big bracelet so the sheep can see it and chap stick, but I picked a white colored one because that matches the sheep"