Sep 11, 2012

crazy nat

Nat came by last Saturday to bake cupcakes, she's crazy for the Betty Crocker instructional baking videos on youtube; So I asked her to tell me step by step how to bake these. 
I hope this is helpful next time you are baking :)
1.Lets make cup cakes!This is all the stuff  you need!
 2.put the cute paper thingies in a pan...
3.don't put your hand in the blender thing, it hurts, oh!!! and never put fish in the garbage can, I watched a whole movie about it!
         4.put wet cake in cute paper cup thingies and wait a long time for cup cakes to be ready.

5.decorate with lots of sprinkles !
6.mmm! Ready to eat them all!!
Auntie V! can you please call my mom to pick me up now, she has to take me to my job, because I work in an office charging cell phones now...

1 comment:

  1. I agree with Natalie. NEVER PUT FISH IN THE GARBAGE CAN! Great advice and great pictures:) Facial expressions galore.