Sep 18, 2012

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

I got a new car... and am sort of sad, is that weird? After eleven years of great performance, 168,000  miles, countless floral adventures, crazy sudden stops on side of the roads to pick up  homeless pieces of furniture and tree trunks and many a memorable road trip. I am saying good~bye to my faithful friend. 
I got him (an SUV) in preparation of starting my business. If that car could talk... 
I drive cars to the ground, that's my thing. I buy them, I name them, and drive them to the ground.
I'm having a hard time naming this one; I need your help coming up with a name, and in return I will gift you with a delightful bouquet of fragrant blooms. 

I will tell you I've had cars with common names and fancy names, but all have been boy names, the  last one had a fancy name.
I bought the same car... except the shade of gray is now slightly warmer and called Urban Titanium, whatever!!! I got a grey car again :) but this one feels like a girl!
Thanks for your help, I hope you can think of something interesting for me! 

good by sweet made me proud............P/S Mark at Honda of Lisle was very nice :)


  1. Harriett. Henrietta. Harper. Viola.

  2. Amelia (another great adventuring woman like yourself!)

  3. Friede (means Peace), or Rosa (said with a spanish accent).

  4. Blinn would submit "Santafina"

    I am partial to Vilhelmina ("determined protector") since she will be valiantly protecting your beautiful flowers, your precious Lu, and you! :)

  5. Thelma. (To compliment Louise, of course!)

  6. I like Thelma! Good one!

  7. There are so many good ones here, I'm thinking! I'll let you know soon!

  8. Hi Ladies! I have been thinking about this for a bit and all these names are truly great, but I decided to use my other dog name., I had been saving it for when I got another dog, but it will never happen, it felt right and so I'm using it! My new car is "Stella" !!! I did however enter all the names from the blog and facebook onto and the winner is Brenda!!!! Congrats Brenda! come and get your flowers! Thanks for the help everyone!!!!!you are the best :)