Oct 29, 2012

demi- couture for the modern coquette

My friend is getting married! So we did some bride stuff! The thought of picking a dress and committing to it for the rest of her life (pictures) seems daunting to her.... yes!!! my friend is a dress commitment phobe and we are getting her some help for it!
The first treatment we chose for her disorder involved a bit of early morning alcohol (via mimosas), some good laughter and a delightful morning of bridal fashion/brunch hosted by Supreme Novelty Fabrics and Mignonette Bridal, featuring amazing  local designers , a yummy brunch, pretty flowers and a room full of hundreds of thousands of rolls of delicious fabric and trim!
Results~ a great day was had and only very light shock treatments to follow :)


  1. Congrats Renee!!! You are my favorite fascinator designer!! I get so many compliments on the red one I bought from you! Can't wait to wear it again for a wedding I have in December! You are going to be a beautiful bride!!

    1. Oh Kim, you made my day!!!! Thank you so much for the kind words and good wishes:)