Oct 11, 2012

things are changing...

And am ready for it! the cooler, shorter days, that smell and feeling only fall can bring.
Sunday~ Mondays are my days off; I spent most of the day Sunday on a body of water, kayaking with a friend; world peace was achieved this day, it was great... we are great! I think we should run for the presidency, we know so much about so much...
I raided her overwhelmingly fruitful vegetable garden before I went home, I knew Monday would be the beginning of fall in my heart. Giant kale and eggplant of color that should be illegal. Tomorrow I will cook!
Balcony clean up today :( the plants are looking so lush and green, but weather man said it will drop to low temps tonight.

I picked up a few mums so to have a bit of color out my windows, I'm taking all the plants to the shop through out the cold months, they do much better there in the winter / western exposure.

We went for a walk in the woods, We needed to get some new shots of Lulu, a fall banner is need for the blog.

Louise found a giant mushroom, it was so beautiful. I wish I knew enough about them, it would have been great to bring it home to cook, but it was too pretty to die that afternoon.

I had my first fall taste of honey crisp apples, yum, today was a great day! 

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