Oct 30, 2012

holiday goodness part two

Every year for the holidays we try new tasty treats and this year we are so proud of our assortments. Take a look at one of our new favorites, Katherine Anne Confections .
Focusing on local and organic ingredients creates the most tasty truffles. These confections are silky-smooth on the inside, with a thin chocolate shell on the outside. They are hand-dipped for an elegant, yet approachable look. The beautiful fair-trade boxes make a fun and eco-friendly gift, or a special
treat for yourself.
Pillowy artisan marshmallow swirled with a signature soft honey vanilla caramel. A dusting of sea salt and confectioners sugar creates an addicting salty-sweet contrast. To die for sweet treat at your next Holiday party!

1 comment:

  1. These are yummy and I will be coming back for more!!!!