Dec 9, 2012

ashley and ryan

 My friend Ashley got married this summer.

Ashley is many things, but one of my favorites things about her is her enthusiasm. She is fun, smart, vibrant, positive and her expressions theatrical. So how befitting it was that her wedding took place at the Rialto Square Theatre.

Facial expressions galore, four dress changes, choreographed dance mob and color bursting out of the seams, this wedding was full of surprises and joy!

This was one of my favorite weddings ever to work on, not only because my friend was to be celebrated but because Ashley said..."Do as you wish Viv, I want it to be fun"... that my friends is like drugs to an addict... and so we did, have fun; the time of our lives! 
Picking up your place cards at the ticket booth set the stage for an evening of entertainment, but if you know Ashley, a regular Tuesday would be an entertaining night :)


Photograpy: Fender & Donisch   Hair and Make up: Salon 312  Catering: Ali Tucker Artistic Entertaining  Venue: Rialto Square Theatre  Flowers: Petal Play Design 


  1. the MOST beautiful flower arrangements I have ever seen, Viv! Thanks for sharing these pictures!

  2. Love it Viv! Thanks so much for posting this about our wonderful day. You, Ali, our parents, Caroline & Greg, my brothers, everyone at the Rialto, the photographers, the videographer, on and on and on, helped make the day better than I could have ever imagined!

  3. Viv, you are so talented, creative, insightful and FUN! Thanks for ayll you did to make this an outstanding, memorable, and unique event. You are amazing. Thanks and God Bless,,