Dec 27, 2012

humpback whales!

The ladies and I started a new tradition! Every year for the holidays we are having a "Favorite things Party" and although we did not received extravagant gifts like Oprah's personalized humpback whales :), I was floored by the thought and care that went into some of the gifts.
My head is spinning with  ideas for next year, very much like the SNL parody link above. 

HOW TO: get a group of your favorite ladies, set a budget for gifts (ours was $15) and get together for dinner! We chose a restaurant, but we decided next year will be at someones home, we need more time and space and possibly even pajamas. If you have ten ladies, every lady brings nine gifts to share with the others.
and let the party begin!!! 

Some of MY favorite things were not even the gift themselves , more like stocking stuffers the ladies included! Like a copy of a  hand written special recipe passed down from someones grandmother, special seashells hand picked in someones east cost hometown ... and tomatoes that had been picked green and nurtured in someones basement since summer's end. I live for thought like that!!! I also loved the care that went into wrapping ; all around a fantastic way to kick off the season!

We went home with a crackling wood wick candle,  movies, journals, smartwool socks, blueberry pies, Hana fuji apple sake, salted caramel chai, English biscuits, magazines, movies, chenille socks, eye lashes, chocolate, travel jars and art prints. 
You should try it with us next year! it was a blast and you'll find out that  some of your favorite things are really the ladies themselves!